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Precision makes perfect

Precision makes perfect: Say hello to our in-house lab 

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Introducing the AccuFab-L4k 3D Printer

Lisburn Orthodontics takes pride in its cutting-edge in-house lab facility, featuring the AccuFab-L4k high precision resin 3D printer. This state-of-the-art technology enables us to elevate the orthodontic experience for both patients and dentists. The AccuFab-L4k ensures unparalleled precision in crafting custom orthodontic appliances, aligners, and retainers, tailored to each patient's unique needs.

The benefits extend to our patients, who experience faster turnaround times, enhanced accuracy, and a more seamless orthodontic journey. For dentists, the in-house lab not only streamlines the treatment process but also facilitates real-time adjustments and personalised solutions. At Lisburn Orthodontics, our commitment to innovation through the AccuFab-L4k ensures that every smile crafted in our facility is a masterpiece of precision and excellence.


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Rebecca Gorman


Head of Lab 

Head of Lab: Rebecca Gorman

Meet Rebecca Gorman, our Head of Lab. With a passion for precision and a keen eye for detail, Rebecca leads our team in utilising state-of-the-art technology, including the AccuFab-L4k high-precision resin 3D printer, to craft customised orthodontic solutions.

Her expertise ensures that every appliance, aligner, and retainer created in our lab is a testament to accuracy and excellence. Rebecca's commitment to advancing orthodontic care contributes significantly to the seamless and personalised experience we offer our patients. At Lisburn Ortho, Rebecca Gorman's leadership in the lab embodies our dedication to delivering smiles that are not just beautiful but crafted with unparalleled precision.

Head of Lab 

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