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Pricing that Smiles: No hidden costs 

At Lisburn Orthodontics, transparency is our commitment.
We believe in providing clear, straightforward pricing so that you can embark on your smile journey with confidence, knowing the exact investment from the start. 

Private Consultation


This includes X-rays, photographs and a scan of your teeth. Our Specialist Orthodontist will discuss your expectations, treatment options, projected outcomes and the estimated duration of treatment.

Metal Braces 

From £2050

Ceramic Braces

From £2250

(Tooth Coloured)


Express / 7 Aligners

Lite / 14 Aligners

Moderate / 20 Aligners

Comprehensive / Unlimited Aligners
for a period of up to 5 years





All treatments include one set of retainers and reviews up to 1 year following treatment

Private Treatment for Children
who do not qualify for NHS

From £1250

Replacement Retainer

Plastic Retainers

£60 per retainer

Plastic Retainers With New Digital Scan 

£85 per retainer 

Permanent Retainer

£200 per arch

Invisalign Vivera Retainers

£600 x3 sets

with a tailored treatment plan 

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